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New for 2018, Attendee-to-Exhibitor matchmaking gives you the chance to meet potential business partners — all matched to meet your needs. To make your matchmaking experience as easy as it is effective, we've put together some FAQs to help you get started.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are an attendee –

  1. REGISTER for the overall event.
  2. During registration, please opt in that you are interested in this matchmaking activity.
    You will receive an email when the portal is live.
  4. When the portal is live, log back in to your registration profile, using the username/password you registered with for the event.
  5. Click on the matchmaking tab on the upper left-hand corner.
  6. Select appointments across the 2 days of the show. You can only select one appointment time per exhibitor.
  7. Your appointment request will be sent directly to each exhibitor.
  8. All accepted and confirmed appointments will appear on your matchmaking registration page.
  9. Your matchmaking schedule will be available to print. We recommend you print 1 day before the event for the most up-to-date schedule.
  10. The appointments will take place at the exhibitor's booth.

If you are an exhibitor –

  1. Login to your exhibitor registration system.
  2. Click on Participate in Matchmaking to opt-in to the program.
  3. Once directed back to the homepage, click on Enter Matchmaking Details to fill in your Matchmaking Details.
  4. Fill in your information as this is important to attendees as they will search for you based on your products and services.
  5. Two weeks before the event, the attendee matchmaking portal will go live and you will received an email for each appointment that is requested.
  6. Please accept or reject each appointment!
  7. The appointments will take place at your booth to make sure you can showcase and demo your technology and solutions

When and Where Is It?

The appointments will take place at the exhibitor booths. Please refer to the onsite Event Guide, or exhibitor directory for updated booth numbers.

What's the difference between attendee-to-exhibitor matchmaking and speed networking?

Attendee-to-exhibitor matchmaking provides business focused, one-on-one meetings during which attendees and exhibitors are matched according to areas of interest and products/services offered.

Speed networking sessions (taking place in Center Stage) involve a series of fast and informal conversations focused on one industry theme.